Admissions Consulting

Admissions Consulting Ahn Academy offers an unparalleled admissions consulting service. Nearly all of our students gain acceptance to top-50 colleges and highly selective private or specialized schools (80% to the top 30). Our team of specialists creates each student’s unique admissions strategy. We also provide mentorship by current students, professionals and professors in a student’s field of interest. While test scores and numbers are important components of an admission strategy, we put a great deal of emphasis on the personal growth and development that result in a successful career and fulfilling life.

Our Consultants and Mentors

Ahn Academy provides high quality, beginning-to-end consulting services to local and international students. Specifically, our services include:

  • Developing a student profile (personality assessment, school activity involvement, independent project design, reading and writing skills assistance);
  • Creating a standardized testing plan;
  • Preparing applications (school selection advice, interview preparation, essay and application completion);
  • Providing matriculation and course selection advice and orientation.

Our consultants work as a team rather than individually. For example, when we have a student who excels in music, we engage a consultant who can evaluate and strategize plans in this area. However, the same student also needs expert support in course selection, application essays, extracurricular activities, etc. Ahn Academy’s team includes specialists who are engineers, entrepreneurs, musicians, professors and artists. They have expertise in the humanities, journalism and creative writing and science; and they are experienced in the admissions process and have interviewed, read applications and selected candidates for top colleges and universities.

Our consultants communicate weekly with students, track their GPAs, teach time management and help to improve reading, writing and communications skills—all with the goal of empowering students to become highly attractive applicants in the admissions process.

To provide students with outstanding extracurricular opportunities that match their academic, social and career interests, we have developed partnerships with local and international businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and career exploration programs. Participating in these opportunities enables students to present a strong profile when applying to U.S. colleges and universities looking for candidates who demonstrate compassion, creativity and passion through their non-academic, extracurricular and community service activities and experiences.

We also work closely with tutors to recommend customized classes and individual sessions in both standardized testing (SAT I, SAT II, ACT, TOEFL) and subject selection (AP and IB courses). Academic specialists develop strategic test preparation plans and work with Ahn Academy to implement the plans.

Our consultants are members of professional education and counseling organizations such as the Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA) and Overseas Association for College Admissions Counseling (OACAC).

We have created standardized tools and tracking systems for our services. These range from an on-line student evaluation report, long-term roadmaps, and progress reports to reading and writing development material, school selection strategy and essay writing techniques. Our students also have ubiquitous (would universal be a better word here?) access to web and mobile software to track progress and communication.

The Consulting Process

Data Collection

Ahn Academy gathers all necessary student data including: transcript, activity sheet/resume, short statements, etc. We then conduct student and parent interviews to obtain personalized, well-rounded knowledge about and understanding of our clients.

Report and Presentation

Our experts meet as a team to discuss each student. We then create a report and meet with families to present our recommended short and long term goals, key milestones, to-do list and a roadmap. Families can use the meeting to decide what type of service package they want to purchase. 

Consulting Sessions

Student typically meet with a consultant once a week. These meetings can be face-to-face or virtual (e.g., via Skype). Depending on the time of year, meetings may be more frequent. 


We generate a comprehensive and thorough analysis report every semester. This is also when we schedule a family meeting to review progress and preview coming activities and plans.

Realtime Q&A

For urgent matters or questions that can be quickly resolved, Ahn Academy uses a mobile group chat app to stay in touch and up-to-date on all communication. We also provide native language support for families through mobile chat.

Just when it seems like your schedule in life as a high school student is officially overbooked, you are confronted with one of the­­ most important pieces of writing you will ever compose – the PERSONAL STATEMENT.

In just a mere 650 words or less, you are expected to reveal a portrait of the well-rounded, reflective, conscientious person that you are to admissions officers at the schools of your choice. It’s an opportunity to fill in the cracks that are left over, to highlight the important parts of your personality and mind that aren’t demonstrated by your G.P.A. or resume.

Personal Statement is really the only part of the college application that have a student’s “voice”. Your GPA, classes taken, SAT scores and activities are quantified one way or the other. Students don’t really have full control over what gets written in teacher and counselor recommendations. Interviews offered are typically alumni interviews, not by admissions officers. Consequently, this is the only way to have your true voice be heard by the admissions committee. This is not a English writing contest — though having a well written essay with proper spelling, grammar and structure helps — rather, it is important to come up with a storyline that shows demonstrated interest and the “fit”.

By working and developing close personal relationships with our students, we capture and highlight key details that clearly shows the path and upward trajectory of the student’s academic interest, passion and goals.


So the personal statement, as well as any supplementary essays you will likely write for competitive schools, plays a critical role in giving the officers a glimpse of your truest self. This requires being diligent, and giving the task the time and seriousness of purpose it deserves.

When you sit down to begin the brainstorming process of just exactly how you are going to cultivate your life perspectives and talents for written expression in a few short responses for your potential colleges, it is probably a good time to call upon some experts.

Our consultants know what it takes to turn your ideas into the tightly organized, sophisticatedly expressed essays that demonstrate you at your best. We don’t write them for you, but we help you unlock your own potential!

Admissions officers at competitive schools across the nation have pet peeves that Ahn Academy will help you avoid, ranging from basics like spelling errors, to more important issues like maintaining the presence of YOUR authorial voice (not ours, not your parents’, not your school guidance counselor’s).

How do we do it? Our process is deeply personalized based on your needs, and includes major steps to success that we implement with all of our students.

The Application Process

Getting to Know You

Your Consultant will spend the first session getting to know the real you, beyond your college plans and high school academic circumstances.


We will use the information we learn about you, and all of the things that make you awesome, to help you come up with ways to tackle your personal statement prompt.

Polishing It All Up!

Once you have words on the page, we will work with you to elevate your writing and your ideas to attain your highest potential as a writer, to sound sophisticated and elegant, and to make your personality shine through on the page.

Our Tutors

Our highly experienced tutors not only help students improve grades and test scores, they also help to motivate and encourage students to try their best. We focus on our tutors facilitating the learning rather than helping students memorize contents. Developing right study habits, gaining time management skills, and being motivated to study are just as important — if not more — than getting good grades and scores. Whether face-to-face, virtual or hybrid tutoring, our tutors will get the job done!

Most of our tutors have advanced degrees in the field or concentration of what they teach and have years of experience tutoring.

Our Philosophy

We do not run a tutoring or test prep center. We do best with boarding school & college application and admissions consulting. However, we work with the best tutors so that our students get the highest result possible. Whether it is for SAT, ACT, AP, research paper, Olympiad or AMC test preparation, we connect with the best possible tutor for the student’s needs.

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the tutor for the initial session, we will change the tutor and not charge you for the session. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Ahn Academy run camps around the world that exposes students to the red-hot trend of tech startups happening everywhere, including colleges. Using the vibrant tech startup industry in New York City as classroom, the students will learn what it takes to be part of startups. The course includes: lectures of professionals and educators using the curriculum from top MBA programs such as Harvard Business SchoolColumbia Business School and Stanford’s; workshops led by industry professionals from tech startups and venture capital investors; field trips to tech startups; the scene of tech startups at college institutions like Columbia and NYU; student-group-led final project that they can take to competitions or make their dream a reality of starting up their own business.

Topics covered:

  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Coding workshops
  • Design workshops
  • Trends in technology
  • Business Plan
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Role of Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Investor Presentation
  • Financials

In addition, students will work on real Case Studies of actual startup companies, thinking from the perspective of CEO and making critical decisions.

Students will also have opportunities to visit:

  • tech companies in NYC
  • incubator/accelerator spaces
  • college events related to tech startups
  • events held by guest speakers in NYC

Sample Program Schedule

Section 1: Intro Entrepreneurship – Learn the basics of tech entrepreneurship. How the funding works, what type of startups are out there and successful, gain valuable insight from industry professionals, and start tinkering with ideas for startup.

  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Trends in technology
  • Venture Capital Investment
  • Incubators, Accelerators and College startup environment
  • Case studies

Section 2: Tech Skill Development – Learn what is important in the tech startup scenery: tech skills. Though fully encouraged to do so, students are not expected to become hard core programmer in few weeks; however, we will get students’ feet wet and guide them to the right path in skill enhancement needed to be successful in startups. We want our students to be proficient enough that they can converse with the techies!

  • Intro coding workshops
  • Design thinking
  • Mobile App
  • Wireframing

Section 3: Business Plan & Pitch – Students will learn from how startups get funded to exit (e.g. M&A, IPO). They will learn how to build a business around an idea and what it takes to succeed. Students will get opportunities to talk to professionals who are in Venture Capitalist and investment companies to see which type of startups get funded and what they are looking for in a pitch.

  • Creating business plan
  • Business plan canvas
  • Making the right pitch (e.g. Elevator pitch)
  • Financials
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